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Let Us SellYour Equipment

Do you have equipment that you no longer need? We have lots of eager buyers looking for quality pre-owned printing equipment for sale. Let us become your exclusive listing agent. It’s more than just a listing. From rigging to marketing, we will take care of all the selling and delivering steps to get you a good deal.

Right now, some of the specific equipment we are looking for include:

  • All Printing-Packaging equipment
  • Mark Andy Label Presses
  • Digital Presses
  • Heidelberg Presses
  • Roland Presses
  • Komori Presses
  • all finishing equipment.

Examples Of Equipment We’ve Sold:


Before you disconnect, remove, or unplug your equipment, call us! If you want the best value for your equipment, we need to talk with you before you take your equipment out of commission. We’ll advise on taking photos, storage, prepping it for shipping, etc.


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Fill out the form below and let us know what kind of equipment you are looking to sell.

Don't See What You're Looking For?

If you need help diagnosing a repair problem or locating a part, we are available to talk it out with you. If there is a particular piece of equipment you want to discuss, we can help.

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