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Former Noses

Full Service Refurbishing ShopFor Former Noses

Usually, when something goes wrong with your former noses, your first thought is that you need to make a huge investment in OEM parts and expensive installation to get everything back to normal. Most times, however, all you need is the services of a top quality Machine Shop to repair your components to better-than-new condition.

Former Noses are our specialty.


MGF uses high precision and superior coatings with a proven track record of considerably longer life than that of what the OEM and other competitors are providing. Our number-0ne-rated coating is Ceramic/Teflon coating, which provides excellent protection for more than 600 million impressions. Ceramic/Teflon coating is available for Steel and Aluminum former noses. Shown in this photo is our Hard Chrome with precision polish after reconstructing the profiles.

MGF is the industry leader for reconditioning former nose tips. We specialize in refurbishing your original or replacement former noses. If your worn former nose is causing marking or wrinkling issues, then it’s time to contact us for an estimate.

  • Gouges and deep paper wear lines filled and re-formed to achieve original performance standards
  • Carbide tips inspected and replaced as needed
  • Thick chrome plating process used to ensure longer life
  • Precision polished before and after plating process

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We service limited Former Boards brands. Contact us for specific information on your needs. Here’s how we approach every Former Board project:

  • Boards are disassembled, cleaned, given new fittings and reassembled.
  • Bars Rails, or profiles are welded and reformed to operational standards and chrome-plated with high polish or Ceramic Teflon to ensure longer life.
  • Board and nose are assembled and precision aligned for accurate performance.

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There are many manufacturers of Former Noses. Here is a brief list of some of the names that we have worked with in the past:

  • Press Tech Former Noses
  • Goss Former Boards and Former Noses
  • Hantscho Former Noses
  • Heidelberg Former Noses
  • Quad Tech Former Noses
  • Man Roland Former Noses
  • Pressline Former Noses
  • Komori Former Noses
  • Baker Perkins Former Noses
  • MBO Former Noses
  • Mitsubishi Former Noses
  • Nebiolo Former Noses
  • Cerutti Former Noses
  • Harris Former Noses

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If you need help diagnosing a repair problem or locating a part, we are available to talk it out with you. If there is a particular piece of equipment you want to discuss, we can help.

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