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Expert Advice

MGF Services & Equipment hasthe right experts for your case assignment

Our Printing expert witnesses can be used for several types of case processes and provide valuable insight for the following applications.


This is a great option for insurance claims adjusters or law offices that have potential cases and do not know where to begin. This Case Overview will provide you with our experts who will guide you with a review of records and prepare a summary and list of recommendations to pursue in the case and/or how to approach the case.

The benefit of an expert witness is critical for a favorable outcome to any case. The expert will help you understand the complexity of a case, provide an unbiased point of view and work on implementing their opinions with your legal strategy to enhance your case.

MGF expert witness opinion provides a specialist who will review your case in full and provide a written report.

Our MGF team experts can assist you with open market values for buying and selling, stock transfers and depreciation of assets for business owners. If you have an insurance claim you need accurate and reliable analysis of the cause of loss for the decision process and recovery efforts, our seasoned experts have years of experience in their respective field and provide unbiased conclusions.

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If you need help diagnosing a repair problem or locating a part, we are available to talk it out with you. If there is a particular piece of equipment you want to discuss, we can help.

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