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Equipment REmoval & Scrapping

Dismantling, Installing, Removing Or Scrapping—we will help with the whole process

Whether it’s a single machine or a complete facility move, our team professionals will deliver you the best service, safety, quality, and value for every project. The printing and packaging industries, among the few, requires great organizations to ensure that the machine can be easily dismantled, installed, moved, or scraped. Go through this process as stress free as possible, knowing MGF can take care of the work each step of the way. Do you think your project is too hard? We might surprise you with our capabilities. Give us a call or send us a message to get started!


This was a 10- unit 520mm width Drent Goebel Printing Press Project for dismantling, palletize, and loading for export sale with a tight schedule for completion during the peak of COVID restrictions and logistics. Our team network and OEM technician turned this around in less than 3 weeks.

First step was disconnecting, wiring, water, air and electric. Then dismantling all the hardware and assemble in the staging area. Pallets were ordered in sequence of the disassembly. Ovens were removed and disposed. The rigging crew dismantled and secured the printing press sections onto the pallets. Then, we coordinated the trucking to drop the containers. There was a total of 8 – 40’ High Top containers. The rigging crew loaded, inspected & sealed each container and was ahead of schedule for pick up rail date. The combined team effort made this project a success.

10-unit Harris M120 Web Offset Press- 5 units on the floor level, and 5 units on the Upper Mezzanine floor. The project required multiple site evaluations and a rigging team that had the knowledge, experience, and proper tools to handle the removal process in a safe, efficient and effective manner. The first phase was the removal of all the equipment on the first level. The second phase was the removal and demolition of the upper concrete & metal structure. MGF’s team executed this project on-time and on budget. This is what our customer had to say: “I think this project has gone very well and really appreciate the care and commitment to execute it. Really well done.”

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