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2024 Converters Expo Recap

Thank you to all who stopped by at the Green Bay Converter’s Expo. We had a great time networking with amazing industry peers like yourself. Thanks to our partner RFS
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Spring into Action with Our Preventative Maintenance Checklist Reminder!

In the fast-paced world of production, downtime is not an option. That’s why preventative maintenance is more crucial than ever. By staying ahead of issues, you can avoid costly repairs
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2024 Converters Expo

Visit North America’s leading one-day converting show in Green Bay, WI! If you’re in town, stop by for this expo in the heart of the nation’s largest converting corridor bringing
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Customized Equipment Solutions to Optimize Your Packaging and Converting Operations

MGF Services & Equipment has been a trusted partner in the packaging, converting, and bagging industries for over 40 years. Our team of engineers and technicians has the experience and
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anvil rollers

Case Study: Reconditioned Anvil Rollers for Food Packaging Industry

Pictured here are Anvil Rolls that have direct contact with diamond perf rollers. Over time, they create a perforated pattern that is transferred to the anvils, which causes a problem
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Embossed Chill Roller - Textured Random Pattern Coating

Case Study: Embossed Chill Roller – Textured Random Pattern Coating

Our customer wanted to have an alternative surface option that would create a similar pattern to that which is produced by an engraving process. The following are the steps we
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Commercial printing equipment.

Get a Vision Into 2021

MGF Services is offering a 2007 Drent Goebel Vision. This press has very attractive features for the Commercial Printing and Packaging Industries – multiple variable finished formats off one press
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Poof… it magically disappears!

Do you have equipment that is idle, taking up space, or needing to upgrade? I have solutions for you. Contact me directly for a FREE consult. Let’s create magic!Abracadabra. Yes,
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comco proglide

Strut Your Stuff With This Special Comco Proglide Opportunity

MGF Services & Equipment is proud to present this Comco Proglide as a special opportunity for our Flexo packaging groups. This press is extremely clean, in great shape, AND was
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Partnership Success Pays Off!

Hi everyone! Happy 4th of July. During these uncertain times, I feel we need a reason to celebrate even more than ever this year. I’d love to hear your success
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2020 Maintenance Partnership

I have been working with printing and packaging companies’ maintenance departments for 40 years. Our company’s policies and procedures continue transitioning to keep up with the ever-changing requirements, solutions, and
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MGF Equipment.

MGF Equipment

MGF Services LLC is proud to announce an expansion of its service offerings for 2017. MGF Equipment is a newly launched division of MGF Services, focusing on offering our clients
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Understanding Harden Slitters, Anvil, and Score Rollers for Printing, Packaging, and Industrial Industries

I get lots of questions about Harden Slitters, Anvil, and Score Rollers from my clients and potential clients in the Printing, Packaging, and Industrial industries. There are hundreds of designs
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Nylon Rollers

I’ve worked around “Rollers” for decades. I practically grew up around them. Rollers are such an important component of any press and lots of industrial manufacturing machinery. Rollers get used
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Basics of Draw Rollers in Paper Machinery

Draw rollers, also known as pull, traction, driven, all have one thing in common: Tungsten carbide (Wolfram) coating. The primary function of draw rollers are to guide and draw paper.
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Should you repair or replace your Printing Machinery Parts?

The printing industry is ever-changing, but your machines are always running. When things start to fail, how are you supposed to know if it’s better to repair or replace your
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Things to Consider with Surface Coatings

In today’s technology, thermal coatings have become Surface Engineered Solutions, which can be overwhelming to companies looking for repair or new applications. Things to consider: Materials-substrate/coating/sealer Temperature-Processing/operating Shape of part-line
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