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History of MGF Services

The MGF history dates back to the year 1976 when an R&D expert and European trained engineer named Walter Friedl started applying his extraordinary skillset to the redesign of large format offset presses. At his side was his daughter Mona who was the beneficiary of a wealth of first-hand knowledge, capitalizing on an unprecedented mentorship.

Mona’s maternal grandfather named Ewald Kleist ran his own printing press company in 1922 from Milwaukee, WI. Austrian immigrant Walter, her father, put his craftsmanship to work in his new country in the repair and rebuilding of existing press equipment.

After gaining a reputation for his abilities to troubleshoot and innovatively redesign large format presses, his customers encouraged him to strike out on his own. From a two-car garage with young Mona at his side, Walter and his family established a thriving business that prides itself on innovation, quality, and excellent customer service in 1976.

In 1995 just as the needs of the printing industry were changing, Mona Friedl stepped up to become the CEO of Milwaukee based North – West Machine. She analyzed the market and refocused the business in response to market changes, successfully revamping operations and productivity.

In April of 2004, with over 25 years of experience in the aftermarket parts and service support business for the maintenance and repair of production equipment in the printing press industry, Mona closed one door and opened another, namely MGF Services LLC.

"The key to ongoing success in my world is to constantly find new ways to support and service customers. Most of the services that we offer today have been developed by listening to our customers and understanding their needs. Aftermarket products and refurbishing leaders today differentiate themselves by providing superior services and enhanced product solutions. Innovation and creativity are vital for developing and providing continuously improved services and product solutions."

A Message From Our President

My name is Mona Friedl and I am the President of MGF Services & Equipment. I practically grew up in a pressroom having worked side-by-side with my father providing parts and repair services to our customers from our family machine shop in Milwaukee, WI.

I am passionate about the printing and converting industries and love learning and understanding how things work in a print manufacturing environment, and helping our customers overcome daily challenges for running more efficient operations.

As a Women Business Executive, I am not shy about the fact that I have over 40 years of professional experience working with print production equipment and repairs. I have seen every type of equipment imaginable and my team consists of vastly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced individuals like myself.

Since we engage in collaborative team efforts in support of our customers’ unique situations, there is a good chance that we will be interfacing directly as I like to be involved in every MGF transaction that takes place.

Our philosophy is that it is not always necessary to invest in new equipment in order to achieve the desirable results when a well-constructed strategy using re-engineered and enhanced used equipment can provide a more cost-effective solution to meet your individual needs.

Why not let me and my Team of Experts assist you to identify key solutions for your specific needs and to execute a plan that will enable you to reach your operational goals! Call or email me anytime – and let us get introduced.

Why Choose MGF?

Countless machines operate faster, more efficient and with less downtime thanks to our knowledge, creativity, and ingenuity! The MGF history dates back to 1976 and today this family business, which prided itself on creativity, quality, and the continuous quest for enhanced solutions, is solving machine parts and repair problems daily for our growing customer base under the leadership of Mona Friedl.

Mona brings over 40 years of experience in aftermarket parts and service support for the printing and converting maintenance and repair industries to assist with your individual needs. You deserve a personalized, unique, consultative approach for solving the heavy machinery problems that you might have, which MGF can provide with confidence!

Over 40 Years Of Experience

MGF is a leader in equipment sales and support services for the printing, converting, labels and packaging industries.

Quality Pre-Owned Equipment

We are constantly looking to add new inventory of quality pre-owned printing and converting equipment for sale.

Expert Consulting

Whether you need asset evaluations, consultation, claim and case advice, inspection, or an expert witness, we have the knowledge and expertise to come to your aid.


Tap into our extensive global network of active buyers and sellers to move your printing, converting and packaging equipment expeditiously!

Trade-Ins or Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your facility or production operation? We can help you make a smooth and pain free transition!


We are here to manage all of your equipment servicing and support needs.

Domestic & International Logistics

No matter where your location, MGF Services & Equipment can move and deliver your equipment on a safe and timely basis.


MGF can provide a detailed inspection report outlining the condition of your production equipment.

Professional Affiliations

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