Case Study: Embossed Chill Roller – Textured Random Pattern Coating

Embossed Chill Roller - Textured Random Pattern Coating

Our customer wanted to have an alternative surface option that would create a similar pattern to that which is produced by an engraving process. The following are the steps we took for a successful outcome:

  • The MGF Services team started out with the customer’s engraved pattern sample.
  • We matched the engraved sample with coatings to produce a strikingly similar pattern.
  • Model lab rolls were created for pretesting the random pattern coating to gain client approval.
  • We worked closely with the OEM for our coating preparation for the fabrication of the chill rollers.
  • Completed (3) 30″ Diameter Chill Rolls x 132″ with our random textured coating.

This project was a huge success. The customer was very pleased with the pattern and the cost savings. The 30″ Chill Rolls have been running since 2018 and working as expected. This is one of many projects where MGF Services has made an impact on the packaging and converting industries.