Partnership Success Pays Off!

Hi everyone! Happy 4th of July. During these uncertain times, I feel we need a reason to celebrate even more than ever this year. I’d love to hear your success stories. Here’s one of ours to get us started.
No matter what type of planned maintenance project you have, if you don’t have a good schedule it will fail. MGF Services is no stranger when it comes to planning a time table for a pre-planned maintenance project.

One of our recent projects was recovering 30+ ink metering rolls for a Sunday 2000 press with our Rilsan coating. This project started off with some flexible dates for completion but as we got closer to the start, the timeframe for delivery became very tight due to shifting schedules of personnel needed to install the ink metering rolls.

Working backwards from the customer’s deadline date for installation to get the press up and running, we sent partial orders to keep the installers moving without interruption.

At the end of the project, we were actually ahead by 2 weeks which in the Printing Industry world means Big Payoff $$. The customer was very satisfied with our cooperative planning and high-quality services.

Keys to Successful Maintenance Project Schedule

  • Determine your planned maintenance project workforce needs.
  • Review and analyze any current backlog of projects to establish a reasonable realistic schedule for the planned maintenance project.
  • Calculate tasks needed for each activity phase including materials, tools, etc.
  • Planned downtime. Understand the best time to consider the maintenance project based on the size and duration in order to minimize impacts on production runs.
  • Flexibility. Unforeseen events will always happen. Make sure you respond quickly and react with an alternate plan that will reduce risk.

“A well-designed maintenance schedule allows you to increase the equipment lifetime and reduce long-term maintenance costs.”

MGF Services & Equipment would like to celebrate your next “Success Story,” let’s get started!

2020 Maintenance Partnership

I have been working with printing and packaging companies’ maintenance departments for 40 years. Our company’s policies and procedures continue transitioning to keep up with the ever-changing requirements, solutions, and challenges to get the job done.

Depending on the type of business industry you serve, there will be projects that have “The Murphy’s Law” trophy. Let’s face it, our communication process can get lost down the supply chain, and when something goes wrong everyone goes into PANIC mode.

Developing a partnership as part of your supply chain, we can identify potential modifications that improve the performance and in most cases reduce out-of-pocket expenses. In the case of the hardened slitter rollers shown, WE SAVE THE AVERAGE CUSTOMER 40% WHEN COMPARED TO OEM COSTS.

Keys to a Successful Maintenance Project:

  • Identify the details
  • Communicate with team decision-makers
  • Plan in advance with your supply chain and logistics
  • Confirm dates for delivery of your products
  • Provide progress updates to keep them inline for installation

Your supply chain is an extension of your team to meet or exceed your project goals. PARTNERSHIPS ARE EVERYTHING!

I would be happy to assist you with your next maintenance project

MGF Equipment

MGF Equipment.

MGF Services LLC is proud to announce an expansion of its service offerings for 2017.

MGF Equipment is a newly launched division of MGF Services, focusing on offering our clients a wide range of new and used equipment and machinery.

MGF Equipment is the division under which we offer our clients in the printing and packaging/film industries a durable selection of new and used equipment. Over the years, MGF Services has been repairing equipment and machinery and refurbishing parts. We’ve gained extensive knowledge and experience in quality equipment. With our experience and history we’ve compiled a list of equipment that meets our extremely high standards, and hand-selected only what we feel is the best value in equipment available today.

Here at MGF Equipment, we are prepared to analyze and discuss your equipment needs and find a new solution that best suits your operation. From Flexographic printing machines, sheet-fed, offset, finishing, packaging, Digitial -CTP, shrink wrap, wide format, cutters, upgrades, other equipment, spare parts, and accessories.

The best part about working with MGF Equipment, is that we are a turnkey operation for pre-staging, moving, installing and servicing of all the equipment we sell.

Whether you need parts replaced or repaired by MGF Services, or machinery replaced or updated by MGF Equipment, our staff, and dedication to customer satisfaction are now spread out over a wider selection of offerings. We look forward to helping you with your next project.