Understanding Harden Slitters, Anvil, and Score Rollers for Printing, Packaging, and Industrial Industries

I get lots of questions about Harden Slitters, Anvil, and Score Rollers from my clients and potential clients in the Printing, Packaging, and Industrial industries.

There are hundreds of designs for slitters, whether it’s pneumatic or mechanical for razor, score or shear slitting substrates such as: paper, film, foil, cloth, non-woven, or vinyl. I will generalize a little bit in this post, because it’s impossible to cover every type of design in detail.

During the lifetime of your equipment you will need to replace your harden rolls more than a few times depending on your operational hours and applications. People often ask me, “How do I get the best value and extended life on my replacement?”

One of the biggest keys to harden rolls’ longevity is the hardness scale and effective depth on the roller construction. The Rockwell hardness on the slitters must be at least 2-4 points less than the roller construction hardness. The average hardness scale that can be achieved through normal heat treating practices are 62 RC. MGF’s process for these types of rollers goes beyond the normal heat treating with adding “cryogenic treatment” providing a 64-68 RC.