Basics of Draw Rollers in Paper Machinery

Draw rollers, also known as pull, traction, driven, all have one thing in common: Tungsten carbide (Wolfram) coating.

The primary function of draw rollers are to guide and draw paper. The coatings on the roller determine the “lifespan of the roller.” The life of the roller coating depends on the operational use, of course. Typically, however, this coating will last years. How do you know when it’s time to repair? When the roller starts to look “smooth” or takes on a glazing appearance, it is time to “recover” your roller.

In my experience most customers that we service don’t have spare or extended downtime to recover. What you need to have is a pre-planned repair which includes:

  • Verifying dimensions
  • Verifying tolerances
  • Knowing the base material of roller
  • Knowing the type of grit (fine, medium, or coarse)
  • How many times has your roller been recovered
  • Committing to confirmed dates the press will be down to expedite your roller recovering.

Depending on the size of your roller, recovering a roller can typically be completed (by an experienced shop) in 5 to 7 days.